Noa´s Story

August 3, 2012 § 8 Comments

As the intimate friend of a beautiful Spanish greyhound, and unconditional animal lover, It´s my duty to publish the following image, in spite of the dramatic story that lies behind the shapes. This X-Ray shows the head of Noa, a Spanish greyhound rescued somewhere in Cordoba, Spain, by the people of Galgos 112. She was shot by some kind of psychopath, filling her slight body with tens of pellets, causing her the lost of one eye and other serious physical and mental damages.

For those not informed about this matter, I must remind that these and other cases happen quite often in Spain, and many relate them to the world of hare hunting. As you may know, I created a reportage about this issue, titled Hounding Misery. After looking at this kind of images, I wonder if my words were too soft, against those involved in this kind of practices.

Photo © Galgos 112

Leer en Español:

Como amigo íntimo de un hermoso ejemplar de Galgo español, y amante incondicional de los animales, es mi obligación el publicar la imagen anterior, a pesar de lo dramático de la historia que se esconde tras las formas. Se trata de la radiografía de la cabeza de Noa, una galga rescatada en un pueblo de Córdoba, por la gente de Galgos 112. Como se aprecia, ha sido acribillada a base de perdigones, por parte de algún psicópata o dañino ignorante, a quien nos encantaría tener cerca un rato. Su cuerpo menudo contaba con decenas de perdigonazos, lo que le ha causado la pérdida de un ojo y otra serie de secuelas de gravedad, tanto físicas como mentales.

Para quienes no estén informados acerca de este tema, debo recordar que este tipo de casos suceden con excesiva frecuencia en España, y muchos están relacionados con el mundo de la caza. Hace un tiempo estuve muy centrado en el tema, durante la creación de mi reportaje, La Desdicha de ser un Galgo Español. Cuando veo este tipo de imágenes, me pregunto si mis palabras no fueron excesivamente suaves, contra aquellos involucrados en este tipo de prácticas.


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§ 8 Responses to Noa´s Story

  • Emilia says:

    Not only in Spain. Have a look in UK. The same story. and I’m sure it happens in many other countries.
    No solo es España. Echa un vistazo en el Reino Unido. La misma historia. Y estoy segura de que ocurre en muchos otros países.

    • Nano Calvo says:

      Undoubtedly, Emilia, it happens in many other places, and in each country applies to different species. The only common link is the human role in this events.
      Sin duda, Emilia, sucede en muchos lugares, y en cada sitio aplica a diferentes especies animales. El único nexo común es la participación humana en los hechos.

  • It happens in rural Hungary, too, sometimes. Not so often as in Spain I am sure as there are generally MUCH fewer sighthounds around in Hungary. Sighthound sport is rather marginal in Hungary, thanks to God.

    When I worked for the Hungarian sighthound rescue, I was considering to apply to the public for a donated metal detector.
    Somewhat pervers, isn’t it?
    (I did not do it at the end as there were too many other important items on the wish list of the rescue before the metal detector).

    I have two galgas from Spain. One of them has a couple of strange marks on her body and various phobias. Above everything she is horribly afraid of any kind of noise which is similar to shots (firework for example). I am afraid, I could use a metal detector, too. Just to check on my both dogs… you never know.

    Now when there is Canada Day here or any other firework day, I have to play the “Through a Dog’s Ear” CD for her to calm down. It is a good relaxing music and my traumatized galga always ceases trembling and falls asleep soon after.

  • Here are some further images of the same dog but of other parts of her body:

    Damn the bastard who did this.

    Tunde Patko

  • …and actually this dog has lost a leg, too… previous parts of her story (with photos) here:
    and the second part here:

    very sad but at least she had luck and was found by animal rescuers. Many others are never found and die somewhere in rural Spain.

  • Rayya says:

    Animal cruelty still exists everywhere. It shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere. Educating people about empathy is essential. Some seem to think animals don’t feel pain and it shocks me to hear that in this time and age! I hope this poor grey hound full recovers.

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