Necessary Advertising

August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

WWF / A) What Will it Take Before we Respect the Planet? / B) Only a Tenth of the Catch in Long Line Tuna Fishing is actually Tuna / C) Fashion Claims more Victims than you Think / D)  Nature is Not Recyclable  / E) If you See an Animal, You´re Missing Something / F) You Can Help. Stop Global Warming / G) If Ice falls, We will All Fall.

GREENPEACE / A) How to Starve To Death on a Full Stomach. Pictures 272 pieces of rubbish fed to an albatross with fish caught by its mother. Careless and unregulated dumping is on the ways we´re killing our oceans / B) Humans were Once Terrified of the Sea. Today, It´s the Other Way Round /

UNICEF / A) Bad Water Kills more Children than War / B) 1.5 Million Children Die Every Year from Drinking Polluted Water. Support the “One Drop of Water” Project / C) Don´t Ignore Me, concerning China and the big problem with children. Sign reads: Don’t ignore me. China has over 1.5 million underprivileged children /


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