The Anatomy of Fear

July 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

This photos were taken in January 2012, during the first hours of his brand new life. The skinny and wounded dog one the pictures is Gitano, a Spanish Greyhound that we adopted from a local dog shelter, and turned into an essential member of our family, after a slow process of adaptation and recovery.

The Misfortune of Being a Spanish Galgo

He was my inspiration and main motivation for creating Hounding Misery, a piece about the shameful situation of greyhounds in Spain. Fortunately, he is now a happy, healthy and beautiful being, although he still suffers from sporadical episodes of fear, whenever an unknown human being enters his delicate vital space.

Hounding Misery, The Misfortune of being a Spanish Greyhound

If you have in mind the idea of buying a dog, please meditate about the pernicious absurdity of this practice, and consider the possibility of adopting one of the thousands of dogs that crowd shelters, in every city of this crazy planet, awaiting for that valuable and well deserved second chance. You won´t regret it.

Hounding Misery, The Misfortune of being a Spanish Greyhound

Any unauthorized use of this image is prohibited.
© Nano Calvo

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