Long Road to Equality

December 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

“Social equality
is the only basis of human happiness.”
Nelson Mandela

It’s great to honor Mandela and remember his commendable and patient work for equality, but all that is useless if our actions show a contrary intention, when reality decides to leave the TV screen and approaches the comfortable realm that is protected by our cold and closed doors.

A small gesture, a closer look or the simple understanding of evidence may contribute to the unlikely foundation of the long and arduous road to equality. A road that has a sense per se, thankfully, although his end is drawn distant, hazy and haphazard, almost impossible.

New York City Images by Nano Calvo


Photos: (A) Homeless population in US is about
50 percent African-American. (B) Mantem Mendes, good friend and
immigrant from Guinea Bissau, shows his Spanish residency permit.
Any unauthorized use of this image is prohibited.
© Nano Calvo

Leer en Español:

Está bien homenajear a Mandela y recordar su encomiable y paciente labor por la igualdad, pero todo eso no sirve de nada si nuestros actos manifiestan una intención contraria, cuando la realidad decide salir de la pantalla de la TV y acercarse al cómodo reino que protegen nuestras puertas frías y cerradas.

Un pequeño gesto, una mirada cercana o la simple comprensión de lo evidente pueden contribuir a la improbable cimentación del largo y arduo camino hacia la igualdad. Un camino que goza de un sentido per se, afortunadamente, a pesar de que su final se dibuje lejano, turbio y azaroso, casi imposible.

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