Lapland Adventure 2014 / Part 2 / Kakslauttanen

March 19, 2014 § 2 Comments

Inari to Ivalo – 
Once the enjoyment and fun of the intense days in Inari – Sámi culture, Aurora Borealis, etc, narrated in the previous chapter -, was over, I took the bus to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, my next destination in the tiny Finnish town of Saariselka, very close from Urho Kekkonen National Park.


The bus made a transfer stop in Ivalo, a village in the municipality of Inari that, curiously, has a small airport. It was then when I had the chance to meet Elina (portrayed below), a nursery student that was coming back from Utsjoki, a very small municipality in the north of Lapland, where she was doing an internship with elderly people. NN-LAPL4-702ElinaNanoCalvo2

During the time available, we walked around the place, while she shared many interesting details about Finnish culture and we talked about many other things. After the walk and a visit to the local supermarket – that gave me the chance to try Salmiakki, a chocolate bar filled with salmiac – we sat in a cafe and waited for the bus to depart again.


Kakslauttanen Artic Resort – Short after meeting Elina, I was carrying my luggage into the reception of my hotel for the night. Angela, an efficient and outgoing young woman from Hong Kong, with a good eye for photography, would be my guide during the stay.

I walked around the resort, had dinner and met the boss, Jussi Eiramo, and also some of the agreeable women that work in the hotel, at the moment, coming from different parts of the world and making the experience much more interesting. Elisa from Italy, Moonika from Estonia and, of course, Laura and Raquel from Spain, were always willing to chat and seemed guided by a positive predisposition towards the client. Some of them, by the way, experts in chasing the Aurora Borealis with their cameras.


Glass Igloo – For the first time in my life, I had the chance to sleep in a igloo. In this case, it was a glass igloo, built by owner Jussi, 25 years ago, with the idea of combining some wonderful views and the comfortability of a warm room. The experience was great, and I really recommend it. For those looking for something more traditional, Kakslauttanen offers also a wide variety of cabins and beautiful accommodations.


Marta the Elf – The hotel offers the possibility of meeting Santa Claus, specially thought for children and Christmas enthusiasts. When visiting Santa´s home, at night, I had the opportunity of meeting a cute blonde Elf, called Marta, who sweetly closes this second chapter of my adventure in Finnish Lapland.


Thanks and gratitude – Special thanks to the team of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Hotel – Jussi, Angela, Elisa, Marta, Moonika, Laura, Raquel and others -.

Coming soon: Husky Safari and Snowmobile at sunset in Rovaniemi,  Ice Climbing and Skiing in Pÿha and the amazing Sampo Icebreaker in Kemi. Remember to follow my steps on all social sites using #LaplandAdventure 2014.

Lapland Adventure 2014 / Part 2 / Kakslauttanen
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