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“He who is cruel to animals
becomes hard also in his dealings with men.
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
~ Immanuel Kant

ENG/ During the incoming holidays, many people make the mistake of buying animals, as a capricious gift, contributing to the fact that a good number of these noble beings end up occupying a dark cage, accompanied by a bitter sadness, in some of the hundreds of dog shelters throughout the world.

I use this platform to suggest, to those that have in mind the positive idea of bringing an animal to the family, to avoid the purchase of a living being – eluding the support of smuggling and other branches of this opaque business – and adopt one of the thousands of dogs and cats who, due to our whimsical opinion, went from wonderful gift to disposable nuisance.

Rescued and abandoned dogs in dog shelter

ESP/ En estas fechas que se acercan, mucha gente comete la torpeza de comprar animales, como veleidoso obsequio navideño, contribuyendo a que muchos de estos nobles seres terminen por ocupar un oscuro chenil, acompañados de una amarga tristeza, en alguna de los cientos de protectoras de nuestra geografía.

Aprovecho esta plataforma para sugerir, a quienes lleven en mente la idea de incorporar un animal a la familia, que eviten la compra de un ser vivo – eludiendo de paso el apoyo al tráfico clandestino y a otras ramas de este opaco negocio – y se planteen la adopción de alguno de los cientos de perros y gatos que pasaron, por nuestro caprichoso parecer, de ser regalo a molestia.

Any unauthorized use of this image is prohibited.
Photo © Nano Calvo

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